What's Up With Those Narwhals In That Sprint Commercial? For Starters, They're The Jedi Of The Sea — VIDEOS

The Sprint commercial for the $50 Unlimited Plan is sans-braying donkey and sans-screaming goat, but don’t you fret, for it is not sans-animal. No, the animal in the $50 Unlimited Plan ad doesn’t bray, nor does the animal scream. What the animal does do: get its groove on. The critters featured in the new Sprint ad are a trio of smiling and dancing narwhals. As many Internet-dwellers are well aware, these dancing narwhals have been causing a commotion for several years: The Flash animation “Narwhals” by Weebl (real name: Jonti Picking) hit the web in 2009. Some of Weebl’s other famous Flash cartoons include “Badgers”, the “Weebl and Bob” series (the first episode hit the 'net in 2002 and now there are over 100 episodes), the “Magical Trevor” series, and “Owls.” You can check out more of Weebl’s stuff at the Weebl Stuff website.

Do you want to listen to the song about everyone's favorite aquatic creature that invented the Shish Kebab for 10 hours straight? Well, you are in luck! A 10-hour loop of the song exists. Thanks to this video, you don’t have to worry about manually restarting the song. You hit the play button once and BAM. It’s good to go. For 10 hours.

What a terrific way to spend nearly half of one day.

Image: Weebl's Stuff/YouTube