You Need This Farm-To-Face Beauty Box Service Now

by Rebekah Sager

I'm not a person who gets a lot of facials. I think most are too expensive, I don't see huge results, and I hate having someone pick at my face — I do that enough myself every morning. So, when a friend of mine referred me to a new skincare concept she thought could be a great alternative to over-priced facials and the incessant quest for products, I was all in. World, meet LOLI, a monthly at-home delivery concept akin to BirchBox that focuses on organic beauty.

Created by cosmetic maverick Tina Hedges, who spent years developing products for almost every well-known cosmetic company on the globe, LOLI stands for Living Organic Loving Ingredients. Hodges' was inspired by memories of her Cuban great-grandmother’s beauty recipes. "The products she used were pure and potent food-grade beauty ingredients; found in the kitchen or a natural food store," Hedges says. "It was a light-bulb moment for me."

After talking about LOLI with Hedges, I asked myself: could there really be a way to clear out the chemical-laden crap and simplify my whole beauty routine to a few easy products at home?

The LOLI box arrived with a beautiful handmade makeup bag. The bags are made in India from 100 percent cotton and lined with recycled sari fabric. I learned that every box donates $1.00 to help stop sexual trafficking. I was starting to love this company already. I could keep this delightful little bag and use it daily. My “love the planet” nature was starting to kick in.

All the products were minimally, but elegantly packaged, and I was secretly hoping they would become the tools in my arsenal of a clean and lean skincare regimen — a kind of upscale juice cleanse version of a facial. Think: slow food meets farm-to-table beauty.

The charming bag, was filled with:

1. A cute little bottle of Jojoba, Cold-pressed Olive Oil infused with Calendula & Avocado Oil.

2. A spray bottle of Lavender Hydrosol

3. A clear plastic baggie of powdered clay.

4. A cute wooden spoon

And here's exactly what it looked like to follow the DYI facial kit that was included in the box.

Step 1: Making a clay mask

I was instructed to mix 2 teaspoons of the clay mask with 1-2 teaspoons of lavender water until it turned into a paste, using the little spoon to mix. You can also add 1-2 drops of the oil for extra rejuvenating properties. This took about a minute. Then, I applied it to moist skin and rubbed. I must say, it was kind of messy, but I enjoyed the feeling. I also don't like fragrance, and this had none. Although some of the mask fell off into the sink as I was applying it to my face, once I got the hang of spreading it, it smoothed out. I left it on for about 15 minutes to dry. It didn't feel tight, which was nice.

Step 2: Removing the mask

I sprayed a little of the lovely lavender-infused water onto the mask to soften it, and then used a washcloth soaked in warm water to remove it. It came off easily, and my skin felt super clean.

Step 3: Moisturize

I applied a few drops of the Jojoba, cold-pressed Olive Oil infused with Calendula & Avocado Oil for post-mask skin treatment — this was the nicest part.

Overall, I thought my skin felt really smooth and very supple. I like the oily, shiny look, because most of the time, my skin looks too dry to me. I was surprised honestly, that it had any effect because I used to think that only the harshest chemicals really had any impact on my skin. Although it was subtle, I thought I had a really nice glow!

I was also really happy knowing that none of the products had any unknown chemicals in them unlike other beauty subscription box services. I have enough product to do a couple more at-home spa days. If you’re someone who likes to know the ingredients of what you put on your face, then LOLI would be the way to go. Also, the products are seasonal, so they’ll change according to whatever’s growing in season.

You can buy a one-off box for $38.00 + free shipping or sign up for a three month subscription for $35.00 + free shipping. Each month, every box is different. The contents can vary from DIY skin, hair or body & bath treatment. The boxes are a surprise until they ship, with the exception of the first box, which will be a face mask/scrub and other goodies (which is the one I received).

Be sure to visit their site to see how you can get your hands on one!

Images: Tina Hedges/Mad Wolf Photography/LOLI BOX, Rebekah Sager (2)