18 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes That Prove Turkey Isn't All That

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As an on-again off-again vegetarian, I've had my fair share of meatless Thanksgivings. And every time, my carnivorous counterparts are aghast: How can you do Thanksgiving without the turkey?!? Quite easily, in fact. The bird may be the word on Thanksgiving, but with green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy—all of which can easily be made vegetarian (or vegan), by the way—it’s hard to really feel deprived.

Besides, Thanksgiving turkey can be so very bland. I’d much prefer a creative and flavor-filled vegetarian main dish, like stuffing-filled winter squash; pumpkin baked with leeks and Gruyere cheese; seitan stuffed with walnuts and cranberries; or fried pumpkin wantons.

For inspiration, here are 18 vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes, from sides to main dishes to desserts. Just remember: Friends don't let friends serve Tofurky.

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