Chris Soules' 'Dancing With The Stars' Participation Won't Be Successful If These Dance Moves Are All He Has To Offer

It's official, Chris Soules will join Dancing With the Stars as the show's 12th member for its upcoming season. Although the show was keeping their mystery contestant under wraps, both People and Us Weekly are confirming that the Bachelor will participate alongside pro Witney Carson for the show's 20th season. Now that Chris is officially going to be taking the stage, I'm left wondering what kind of a contestant he will be.

Can he hold his own against gymnast Nastia Liukin? Can he match Riker Lynch's enthusiasm? Does he have a huge fanbase like Hunger Games' star Willow Shields? I think the answer to all of that is proooobably, if all of this evidence I'm about to present to you is any indication. I mean, Chris is providing a lot of interesting fodder this season — his journey to find love as been very entertaining. But let's be real, the guy doesn't have the best dance moves.

But my opinion is not the only thing that matters here — don't just take my word for it. Let's look at the Bachelor's history of dancing to determine how he'll hold up this season. (Spoiler alert: it's not gonna be good.)

His Go-To Wedding Dance Move Is "The Shopping Cart"

I mean, sure, it's a classic. But if he pulls that out in front of judge Len Goodman he's going to get laughed out of the building.

He Also Likes This Sideways Fish Shimmy

Whitney tried "reeling" him in and he did this awkward sideways jump towards her. Its funny, yeah. But not Mirror Ball material.

His Dance Moves Are Pretty Farm-Inspired

Nice lawnmower, Chris. But dancing is so different than working the land.

He's a Forehead Slow Dancer

In this context his dancing with Whitney is sweet and romantic. But that's not going to hold up in a competition.

No, Don't Take Off Your Cardigan


What Are You Doing With Your Hands?

Maybe if they do the Grease "Hand-Jive," he'll score well?

This Booty Shake Though...

If he employs his Prince Farming body, he could get the ladies to vote for him.

He Once Did This

After Kaitlyn tried to teach him to dance Chris said, "Like this old guy trying to break dance, are you kidding me?" And then he did this weird, jerky arm wave.

He Dances Like Your Dad

At the end of the day he's just duper dorky. I do not have high hopes for this man on DWTS. But who knows, maybe he'll surprise me! We all have to tune in to Dancing With the Stars on March 16 to find out.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC, bachelorabc/Tumblr; Martha Sorren (9)