Jenelle Evans' Fiancé Arrested After Alleged Fight

by Jaclyn Anglis

Bad news all around for Jenelle Evans. According to Us Weekly, The Teen Mom star and her fiancé got into an altercation on March 4 that unfortunately culminated with police intervention. Jenelle Evans' fiancé Nathan Griffith was arrested, and the details sound upsetting.

The arrest report, released on March 5, details the perspectives from Evans and Griffith on what exactly happened before the arrest. According to the report, Evans said Griffith pinned her against a toilet and "forcibly removed an engagement ring from her finger" following an argument the two had. Evans also said she was left with a cut on her finger after the alleged forced removal of the ring, and said that after Griffith had the ring, he attempted to leave with the couple's car. Griffith said in the report that he never touched Evans and that she "got upset with him and took the engagement ring off." He was later charged with one count of domestic violence.

While the two accounts from the couple are obviously very different, it's clear that whatever happened between them was a terrible situation, especially since it involves an alleged physical altercation involving a symbol that is supposed to represent love. And unfortunately, it looks like this is just the latest development of a larger pattern of tumultuous and depressing things happening in Evans' life.

After all, this domestic violence report comes in not long after Evans was arrested for driving without a license. And according to E! Online, that was the 11th time in less than five years that the reality star and mother of two has been arrested. The reasons for her arrests have really been all over the place, and they include possession of drug paraphernalia (which she pleaded guilty to), allegedly assaulting her ex-husband, and allegedly possessing heroin. It's really too bad that all of this has unfolded in the midst of Evans attempting to complete school and improve her lifestyle and hopefully be able to take care of her kids as well, since they are still so young.

As of right now, police said that Griffith is being held at the Horry County Detention Center. As Evans has done in the past, she has taken to social media shortly following the legal trouble with a post to her Instagram alluding to finishing up her program and saying focused on her goals in the midst of all the trouble that is on the horizon.

Let's hope that these are not just words set for an Instagram caption and that she actually does take them to heart. She owes it to her children, and really, to herself as well.

Image: Jenelle Evans/Instagram