Bill Made Naomi Watts Laugh During Their Sex Scene

Leave it to Bill Murray to make an uncomfortable situation less awkward by cracking jokes. That sounds like the Murray we all know and love, right? Well, he did just that on the set of St. Vincent. As a way to ease tensions and make everyone feel comfortable during filming, apparently, Bill Murray calmed Naomi Watts' fears by cracking a joke during their sex scene. What better way to make everyone feel like family than by producing laughs during a moment that has to be extremely awkward to film.

First, it's important to note that Watts was scared of working with Murray, and not just because she had to simulate sex with him. As she revealed on CBS This Morning,

The anticipation of it was terrifying. I just thought this is going to be so scary because he's so good [at] what he does. I heard he doesn't suffer fools and doesn't fall in love with everyone right away, and so I was kind of terrified and just not having done comedy before or for a long time.

Well, based on Murray's reaction after filming the sex scene, I think it's safe to say he had no problem working with Watts.


So what was the joke? According to St. Vincent director Ted Melfi, Murray knows everyone gets nervous to work with him, so as a way to make Watts more comfortable he pulled a Bill Murray moment. Melfi said,

She’s on top of him, bouncing along, and she’s a nervous wreck. She has just met the man. She loves him. She loves his work. He’s an icon. She’s bouncing on top of him, and everyone is just watching this. Her ears are red she’s so nervous. And I say, "Cut!" [Bill Murray] looks up at [Naomi Watts] and he goes, "Are you seeing anyone?"

Immediately, Watts started "howling with laughter," so I think it's safe to assume that her fears went out the window and the two had a great time filming. I don't know if anyone could have pulled that off quite like Murray.

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