5 Travel Video Bloggers You're Going To Love

by Cecily Trowbridge

Paris. Amsterdam. Thailand. Tokyo. Any of these places appeal to you? I humbly introduce to you the wonderful world of travel vlogging — both the one form of entertainment keeping we wanderlusters sane and an incredibly valuable resource for aspiring travelers. If you're someone who knows they want to go somewhere fabulous but you aren't quite sure where yet, "video logs" most often found on sites like YouTube are about to join the ranks of House of Cards and wine rituals within the realm of your daily schedule.

Watching people experience foreign cultures first-hand isn't a new idea; celebrities like Anthony Bourdain have managed to do so in the name of all that is good in the world: food. For other high-profile humans, travel is more of an afterthought. We might get a peek here and there when peeping at a singer's international tour, but when a normal, everyday traveler is walking around Bangkok with a camera in hand, establishing exactly what the city looks like in near real-time, it's unique. These people are no different from the rest of us. If we were to follow in their footsteps, the sights and sounds they're taking the time to share with us now would likely be similar to our own future experiences. It's like jetting thousands of miles in a matter of minutes, without the hassle. Here are five of my favorite travel vloggers.

High On Life

This group of guys has been everywhere from Vancouver to Peru. Each video serves more as a quick guide to the many options any given region offers. They are indeed a young crowd so partying, thrill-seeking, and excitement are top priorities. They'll show you everything you can't miss, and a few activities you'd be wise to avoid.


This new mom is Irish-born and currently lives in Hong Kong. She and her husband have two adorable dogs, and their daily lives are especially intriguing if you're interested in China (Hong Kong's official geographical situation is somewhat nuanced) or Asian culture as a whole. They'll guide you through the city, holiday norms, rituals, and housing, as well as provide a unique perspective on what it's like to be a European-to-Asian transplant.

BackPacker Steve

This guy has been EVERYWHERE. He produces his videos in both English and German. Charming and funny, he's always sure to provide gorgeous shots of the many places he's ventured. Videos on this channel are somewhat formal, giving it a more professional "Travel Channel" feel that's a bit different than most destination-inspired vlogs on YouTube.

Mark Wiens

After graduating from college, Mark started this food-based travel vlog. As he's based in Thailand with his wife, most of the cuisine and daily recordings are centered around Asian culture. He's always friendly, upbeat, and informative.

Benny Lewis

When Benny first started, he translated his travel videos into seven languages. That being said, he's incredibly well-traveled and very well-educated in foreign culture, a subject he's clearly studied in excess. In this video, he discusses the differences between the French language in France versus in Quebec, Canada.

Images: TempusVolat/Flickr