10 Unreal Pads That Cost Less Than NYC Rent

Living in New York City can feel like the most intensely fun, exhilarating thing in the world...until the first of the month, when you hand half your money to a scary landlord who calls the gaping hole in the ceiling a "skylight." At the moment, the average apartment in Manhattan costs $3,822 per month, about four times the national average. As a (depressing) reality check, here are 10 gorgeous rentals from around the world that are probably more affordable than your 10x10 SoHo studio. Tissues, please.

Image: Fotolia

by Kara Freewind

English Tree House

Enjoy views of the Falmouth Bay from this whimsical hideaway in Cornwall. From $3,658 per month.

Tile House, Joshua Tree

This eclectic, one-of-a-kind homestead is covered in 2,500 square feet of mosaic tile (plus there's a hot tub). From $1,827 per month.

Narrow Boat, Bristol

Cruise around Bristol in this vintage, mobile pad. From $3,390 per month.

Romantic Cottage, Austria

This quaint, fairytale cottage boasts majestic views of the Alps (instead of a brick wall). From $3,628 per month.

Jungle House, Nicaragua

Kick back at this tropical beach-side home, complete with infinity pool and neighboring monkeys. From $2,700 per month.

Seaside Villa, Mlini

Take in a panoramic ocean vista at this private coastal house in Croatia. From $3,436 per month.

Camping Pods, North Yorkshire

These streamlined structures offer a "21st century camping" experience. From $2,447 per month.

Gypsy Caravan, Provence

"See you later, guys. I'll be at my poolside villa in France." And I'll be paying $3,726 a month for it.

Bell Tent, Norfolk

Go "glamping" in this cozy, magical tent. From $3,658 per month.

Private Freaking Island, Sri Lanka

Enough said. From $2,137 per month.

Images: Airbnb