8 Ways To Heal Your Feet After Heels

It happens to the best of us. You're getting ready for a night out - or a day at the office - and you spot them in your closet: the perfect pair of heels. Sure, these bad boys are absolutely uncomfortable, but they totally complete your outfit. So you slip them on, confident that this time will be different. That even though this particular pair of stilettos have ravaged your feet before, today they will suddenly transform, becoming your most comfortable shoes ever.

Wrong. Eight hours later, and your feet are howling in pain. You hobble home, praying you haven't gotten any blood on the immaculate lining. You deeply regret your shoe decision, but it's too late: the damage is done. Now what?

Don't worry, we've got you covered - if only because we've experienced the heel regret, too. Here are eight ways to soothe your poor feet, because sometimes, the perfect pair of strappy, stilettos is impossible to resist - even if they do pinch your feet.

Take Them Off

It might seem obvious, but after wearing your heels for an extended period of time (and the pain starts to kick in), kick off your beautiful stilettos. Go barefoot for a while in the comfort of your home.


Treat Blisters - The Right Way

As tempting it is to pop those blisters, resist. Blisters heal best when left alone - so step away from your sewing kit needle and towards your medicine cabinet. Apply some Neosporin to your blisters, cover with bandages, and leave them alone.

Soak Your Feet

Hobble your way to the nearest drug store and pick up some epsom salt. Soaking your feet in a warm epsom bath will relax your sore feet in no time.

Stretch It Out

Foot yoga exists, and it can help relieve your aching feet.

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Elevate Your Feet

Grab a few pillows and head to the couch - or your bed. Elevating your feet can help increase the blood flow and lead to relief.

Grab A Tennis Ball

And go play a game or two! Just kidding! Place the tennis ball on the floor and roll your foot over it. It’ll massage the ball and sole of your foot. And feel amazing.


Get A Pedicure

Pumice the calluses, exfoliate your skin, and get a brand new color applied to your well-deserving toes. And while you’re at the spa, you might as well get a manicure too, right?

Invest In Flats

Is it really worth all this pain? Well yes, sometimes, it is. But after your heel hangover, spend the next few days in your most comfortable flats. Your feet deserve it.