How Elle MacPherson Keeps Her Beautiful Figure

by Eliza Florendo

I'll never forget the first time I saw Elle MacPherson as Janine Lecroix on Friends. Like whoa, she's totally out of Joey's league, no matter how many times he practiced "How you doin'" in the mirror. And now, over 20 years later, the supermodel still looks as stunning as ever. And when she talks about how she does it, you can bet I'm listening. And that's exactly what happened: Elle MacPherson revealed her secrets for staying fit and healthy with New York Mag's The Cut.

MacPherson is 50 years old. And she still looks like this in a bikini. No wonder she earned the nickname "The Body" in the '80s when she began modeling for Sports Illustrated. In her interview, she stressed the importance of feeling good versus looking good.

"Back then, I just wanted to stay fit to lose weight or have tight muscles. But by the time I got to 50, I realized it didn’t matter what number I was on the scale or if my jeans fit — how I felt became more important. Looking beautiful is one thing, but feeling good is what I value so much more today."

What I love most about MacPherson's routine is that it actually sounds doable. She admits to trying everything—from only eating proteins, to juicing, to the 80/20 diet (which basically means you eat clean 80 percent of the time, and indulge 20 percent of the time). But, what she found was that a balance was most important. Physical activity everyday, whether that's a run, a meditation session, or even a manicure. That's the kind of workout I like!


In addition to her diet that consists of vegetarian lunches and protein-packed dinners, MacPerson swears by her product, The Super Elixir, which is a "greens-based supplement powder" with vitamins and minerals from 45 ingredients, including Chinese herbs and digestive enzymes.

Whether or not her elixir actually works, I'm really loving MacPherson's whole attitude on health and wellness. Too often, like she says, we focus on what's on the scale and on the tag, and don't take a second to think about how we actually feel. If this type of attitude was adopted, we would all feel better inside, and consequently, outside. "I don't feel pressure to be anything other than myself. I'm thankful that I have good health and I am well." Amen, MacPherson!

Images: Getty Images