This 'Normal Barbie' Video Has An Amazing Message

No matter where you live in the world, one thing's for sure: you are completely and utterly aware of our society's unrealistic beauty expectations and for many, it all started with a Barbie doll. So when I heard about the Lammily Doll or the "Normal Barbie," I was totally intrigued. In case you missed it, it's a doll that represents the realistic body proportions of an actual American 19 year old. Creator Nickolay Lamm has brought even more attention to his doll with a video titled #DoYou that pokes fun at the ridiculous beauty standards we know all too well.

The video features one of his dolls who plays the part of an aspiring DJ. She has plans to jet off to Miami, but quickly realizes that she's totally surrounded by a scene of extreme dieting and plastic surgery. So, what does the "Normal Barbie" doll do? She decides to make a choice to not only appreciate herself and rock her body, but to also embrace the other people around her who may not be like her. It portrays a heartwarming and positive message that all women (and even men) should love themselves entirely.

The less than 3 minute video provides a fun way to look at ourselves and the world that we live in. According to BuzzFeed, "Lamm said he wanted to create it as a funny parody, but also hopes it sends a positive message to young people." Lamm explains, “There’s so much information out there, it’s easy to get caught up and try to be someone you’re not, the message of the video is to do you, to be yourself.” He continues on to say, “I feel that in the doll world, the standards are funny. So, if we can laugh at the standards in the doll world, maybe it will be easier to laugh at them in the real world.”

Well, it certainly made me laugh. And the video doll sure has got it all set. I mean, realizing that her imperfections are totally beautiful and then celebrating it with a raging Miami dance party? Can we do this IRL?

If you haven't seen the hilarious video, watch it below. And make sure to send it to all of your girlfriends and the people you love as a friendly reminder to #DoYou.

Image: YouTube