6 Women Who Could Be The Author On 'OUAT'

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't take it anymore. I need to know who the author of the book on Once Upon A Time is, and I need to know stat. Thanks to last Sunday's episode, we now know the sorcerer and the author are two different people — well, at least according to the Blue Fairy. In addition to now needing to figure out two identities, we're also left wondering if the author is a man or a woman. As Blue noted in "Darkness on the Edge of Town" when everyone kept referring to the author with masculine pronouns, the author could just as easily be a woman.

Before I get any further, why is everyone automatically assuming the author is a man in the first place? A woman could absolutely be the mastermind behind the book. So let's stop saying "he," when it could easily be a "she."

With that said, who else has been racking their brain when it comes to the author? Well, I'm hoping my my ideas below will help narrow it down a bit, but, hey, this is OUAT and sometimes it's difficult to figure out where a story is headed. However, I do know one thing to be true. According to OUAT co-creator Eddy Kitsis, who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, "we will meet the author." At least we have that to look forward to.

So let's get to it. Here are six women who could be the author of the famous book that Regina hopes will bring her a happy ending.

The Blue Fairy

Did anyone else think the Blue Fairy was acting shady when Regina approached her about the author? It was like she didn't want to give something away. Also, she was the one to suggest that the author might be a woman, not a man. Hmm... was she trying to tell us something? I think she knows more than she's letting on to. Does this make her the author? Not exactly, but she could be, or might just know the author's identity or an important detail about them. Also, a tweet released by OUAT's official page suggests that Pinocchio might "be the key" to finding the author. Um, weren't Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy in the same Disney movie? Maybe he'll tell us Blue is the creator of the book.

P.L. Travers

Mary Poppins is a unique character who was great with kids. Not only did she encourage them to use their imaginations, but she was also a great storyteller. The character of Mary Poppins was also brought to life by author P.L. Travers. Maybe she wanted to retell Walt Disney's stories through her own words and change up the story to her liking, especially since she didn't approve of the way Mary Poppins was portrayed in the movie. On OUAT, this might be Travers' chance to not get revenge on Walt, but to put a twist on his stories and possibly showcase Mary Poppins (who we've yet to see, but could easily appear) as she always hoped she would be.


Belle loves books. Belle works at the library. Put those two together and what do you get? A person who is destined to be an author. Either Belle is trying to keep her identity a secret and is playing dumb about who the author is, or she's been put under some type of spell and doesn't remember writing the book. Anything can happen in Storybrooke, right?

Regina Mills

Regina is set on finding the author, so she can finally get her happy ending. Maybe the reason she is so connected to the book is because she is the author, but in the future. Stick with me. What if she is writing or telling her story in the future, and as she does that, the words and pictures are filled in on the pages. For example, you know how Robin Hood found that page of him and Regina getting their happy ending? Well, maybe future Regina wrote it and planted it as a way to give Regina hope that she would get her happy ending and to fight for what she wants, because in the end, she will get it — and all thanks to herself.

Emma Swan

There would be no OUAT without Emma Swan. She is the glue holding the show together, not to mention that she is pretty much connected to every character and storyline. She is our savior, after all. So, what if Emma is also the author of the book? What if she is started to write the story from a different time or world and then put it in Henry's hands, so he could keep the book safe, get everyone in Storybrooke to realize their true selves (like he did in Season 1), and get Emma to realize where she belongs so she could put an end to evil? I know it sounds complicated, but sometimes that happens on OUAT. Plus, this would be pretty magical, right?

Lillian Disney

Walt Disney might get all the credit for his stories, films, characters, and theme parks, but did you know Walt received helped from his wife, Lillian Disney? Walt often ran ideas past his wife, not to mention she is to thank for Mickey Mouse's name, as Walt originally wanted to call him Mortimer Mouse. She was even dubbed "a full-time partner to Walt." There are some theories out there that Walt is the author of the book, but what about his wife? There's a good chance she is the author. Maybe she's recording her husband's journey as he creates the wonderful world of Disney, and as she helps him along the way. It's makes sense, especially since she was right by his side during his remarkable creations.

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