The Brooklyn Museum Loves Sneakers As Much As You

Heels out, sneakers in! That's my mantra after a few hours at a fancy event that requires me to wear heels. The minute I can switch into comfy sneakers or flip flops, I do it. Heels are painful, folks! And clearly, the Brooklyn Museum feels the same! How's that? Well, the Brooklyn Museum will host 'The Rise of Sneaker Culture' exhibit, which follows in the footsteps (sorry, I had to!) of the recent 'Killer Heels' installation.

The museum will debut the exhibit on July 12 and will have five chronological sections housing a total of 150 pairs of kicks. The shoes displayed will range from the humble beginnings in the 1800s through the modern and fancy versions crafted by designers like Prada and Louboutin, according to Racked.

Kicks by obvious brands like Adidas, Converse, Nike, Puma, and Reebok will live among those designed by Kanye West. There will be clips, photos, design sketches, and more featured in the exhibit, as well, so it's a true sneaker haven and heaven. Sneakers are so embedded in the fabric of our culture, from sports to hip-hop, that I can't think of a better subject for a style exhibit!

I have mad love for sneakers and I wear them as often as possible. So I may have to trek over to BK to check this out.

These are the three main reasons that I have such unwavering love for sneakers, besides comfort and cuteness!

1. They Can Dress An Outfit Down

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I love mixing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors, either high or low top, with a cute babydoll dress in summer. I switch the laces from white to black and pair with a mini dress and bam! Instant tomboy chic. If Kristen Stewart can do it on a red carpet, I can do it on a Saturday full of shopping or playing with my dog or going on a date.

2. Make Your Own

Sneakers don't have to be basic and yours don't have to look like everyone else's! I customize my Converse and or make my own Vans on their sites so that they are truly my own thanks to details, details, details. I added one of my fave W.H. Auden quotes to this pair for total customization. I usually change the inside sole or tongue print, too. I even tagged another custom pair with my dog's name because it's fun and no one else has 'em. There are so many options and I get to play fashion designer for a day!

3. What A Relief


As I mentioned previously, I keep a pair of kicks in my car or bring them with me whenever I have an event or an occasion that requires me to wear heels. I love heels, but after three hours, I am done. If it's, say, a wedding, I will swap out at the reception, since a fresh pair of clean kicks adds an edgy, punk, and personal touch to a glam formal outfit. Fashion rules are meant to be broken, right?

I am so stoked that sneakers are getting their due in museum form! Huzzah!

Images: Getty (2); Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (1)