Harrison Ford Probably Saved Lives By Crashing Where He Did, Is Somehow Even Braver Than You Thought


March 5 was a very traumatic day for Harrison Ford. The actor was involved in a plane crash on the Penmar golf course in Venice, California on Thursday afternoon when he was piloting his 1940s military trainer plane. The actor has sustained injuries, but nothing life threatening, and according to reports, it actually sounds Harrison Ford may have saved many lives with his smart navigation of the vehicle. He might be ever braver than you realized.

The incident has prompted some to question Ford's flying abilities. People want to know if Harrison Ford had the experience and knowledge to fly the air craft in the first place. And the answer is a resounding "yes." It sounds like crashing on a golf course was the best option Ford had considering the situation he was in. The crash could have been way worse if the actor landed the plane elsewhere, because by crashing on a the golf course, he avoided the more populated suburban areas that were nearby. Yes, he put his own life at risk, but by avoiding areas with more people, he saved their lives from being endangered.

Charlie Thompson, a flight instructor who saw Ford take off, explained that this was the safe route to take, saying,


If Ford tried to make it to the airport for a safe landing, he probably would have failed. Eddie Aguglia, a golfer at the scene, explained,

It may seem like a total accident to land on the golf course, or even a poor decision not to attempt landing at the airport, but it was actually the best call when it was clear that the plane could not make it all the way to the runway.

Yes, he sustained unfortunate injuries, but Ford put the safety of others above his own and that is something that makes him a truly great pilot.

Images: Getty Images