Musical Beers Had 7 Hilarious Chris & Hugh Moments

by Alyse Whitney

If Australian men are your thing, then The Tonight Show's Musical Beers with Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth will probably make your heart stop. In Jimmy Fallon's latest game, he invited the two sexy men from Down Under and Saturday Night Live cast members Bobby Moynihan, Kate McKinnon, and Colin Jost to put a fun adult spin on your favorite childhood party game. Everyone circled a table full of beers while Questlove DJed a mix of "Bang Bang," and when the music stopped, the only person left beer-less was out of the game. There was some cheating involved and some very big mullets, so this wasn't your average game. No one was a bad sport, though, and a blooming bromance between Hemsworth and Jackman makes me wonder when those two are going to make a movie together. A buddy cop comedy? A totally '80s time-traveling drama? They could make either work based on their time together on The Tonight Show.

It's hard to narrow down the funniest moments, but seven of them are below. If you would rather just watch the action unfold yourself, check out the video, but if you want to be spoiled and see screen grabs of hilarious faces, keep going.

When Fallon Handed Over His Mullet To Hemsworth

Poor Hemsworth just felt left out, and he made this face when he put on the wig.

When Jackman & Hemsworth First Had A Bro Moment

Jackman yelled, "TAXI TV!"

When Kate McKinnon Had A Meltdown

Her high-pitched, yet almost regal screeches of, "NO!" prompted Fallon to say, "Dame Maggie Smith, goodbye" when she was the first one out.

When Jackman Let Hemsworth Have The Win

"You got it, brother," Jackman said to Hemsworth as he patted him on the bicep. Bros for life.

When Jackman Surrendered His Mullet

Losers don't get crazy hair, apparently.

When Jackman Snuck In And Cheated Everyone

To keep Hemsworth from winning, Jackman grabbed the second-to-last beer and chugged it.

When Hemsworth Threw Off His Mullet In Rage

OK, it was actually in good fun, but with muscles like that, it looks like he was Hulking out instead of just being a Thor loser.

Images: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC; The Tonight Show/YouTube (7)