Jada Pinkett Smith Loves Will's Sex Scenes & Inserts Herself Into Them, Because Why Not?

In case you were wondering if it's weird for Jada Pinkett Smith to watch Will Smith's sex scenes with other women in movies, that answer is a resounding "no." In fact, she actually loves watching him get down and dirty on-screen, as she revealed in a recent interview with Seth Meyers. Most people might find it difficult to watch their partner writhing and sweating with someone who isn't them, but Pinkett Smith doesn't have that problem, because she has a very simple skill — mental editing. Nifty!

You know what? Here's the interesting part. When I'm looking at Will in those scenes, whoever's there is out the way, I'm in the picture.

She says she normally only gets to experience her husband in a physical way, so it's an exciting change to experience it visually from a distance when he's up on screen. Just a little mental splicing, and she's right in there with him and simultaneously having the out-of-body experience of watching it. It's gotta be exhausting, but she has plenty of practice doing it.

Here are just a few of the ladies whom Jada Pinkett Smith has mentally edited out of Will's sex scenes, based off this interview:

Rosario Dawson in Seven Pounds

Get on out of there with your congenital heart condition and rare blood type, Rosario. Jada's here and she needs your screen time.

Eva Mendes in Hitch

As if anyone could ever replace Eva Mendes in a movie ever, MY GOD.

Salma Hayek in Wild Wild West

I'm betting Jada would like to get her hands on some of those costume pieces too. You know, for later use.

Charlize Theron in Hancock

I think we'd all like to make it with a superhero.

Margot Robbie in Focus

This one takes a litlte more work, because Focus is still on the big screen, but Pinkett Smith's put in so many practice hours at this point that I know she has the chops to pull it off.

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