5 Herbs You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen That Are Both Full Of Flavor And Extremely Good For You

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Learning to cook was one part fear and two parts exasperation for me. But after a course called "Cooking with Herbs," my attitude toward cooking transformed. The class connected me to the process, making it more of a creative exercise and less of a chore. Not to mention I learned all about the amazing antioxidant powers of fresh herbs, which is what brings me to my point.

Herbs are like magic — they can make a dingy kitchen smell like a romantic garden in France, and they can even, when coaxed with some hot oil, create a simple sauce with flavor that wows.

Herbs can be pricey, though, because of the way they are packaged. If you've ever found yourself buying a bunch of herbs for one recipe, then tossing the rest because they spoiled, planting an herb garden might be for you. (Yes, even if you live on the top floor of an apartment building!) It's not as hard as you might think, and nothing says spring like fresh herbs outside your window.

In addition to their flavor, herbs possess healing powers that make them worth growing or buying fresh. Maybe knowing that parsley can help you detox, or that basil contains anti-inflammatory agents, will provide an extra reason to use them in your next meal.

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