Ellen DeGeneres Is A Master Prankster

If there's one thing Ellen DeGeneres and The Ellen DeGeneres Show is known for, it's pranks. If you're gonna go on her show, you should know by now that there's a good chance that sometime during your stay, someone's gonna jump out from behind something or make you humiliate yourself on hidden camera. It's all part of Ellen's amazing plot to put out one of the best and most hilarious shows on television, and to enjoy herself in the process. So, so genius — and so, so entertaining. Honestly, I can't remember the last time DeGeneres didn't masterfully prank one of her guests, and yet these A-listers keep showing up and getting the pants scared off of them. It's an endless cycle, and, for the sake of television, I hope they never learn.

But since Ellen tricks people so consistently, there are bound to be some real gems out there that float to the top. Those favorite moments that you can watch again and again and still laugh out loud every time. That's what we were looking for today, and that's what we found. So get ready to LOL for real at the most hilarious pranks we've ever seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Eric Stonestreet Getting Scared

Honestly, she's gotten him so many times at this point that it'd be embarrassing if it weren't so hilarious. And he thought he prepared! Stonestreet brought friends with him to guard the stage during his interview so that no one could sneak up behind him, but he forgot to check one crucial spot...

Sending Andy To Haunted Houses

It's an annual tradition at the show that every year around Halloween, Ellen makes her producer Andy Lassner go through a haunted house. And it is the best. thing. ever.

Sofia Vergara And Her Horse Movie

Ellen likes to put tiny earpieces in celebrities' ears and give them things to say to normals on hidden camera, and Sofia Vergara's was particularly ridiculous.

Dennis Quaid Goes To Starbucks

This was one of the first 'repeat after me' segments, and it still holds up as one of the best, almost entirely thanks to the iconic line "DENNIS QUAID IS HERE." Too good.

Playing Jenga With Alison Sweeney

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT GIF?! Sweeney went to put another block on the tower, and Ellen pushed her alllll the way over.

Scaring Taylor Swift

Speaking of falling down, that's apparently Taylor Swift's self-defense mechanism... just collapsing straight down to the floor when something terrifying like Ellen jumping out at her happens.

David Beckham Getting A Massage

I love this one because the massage therapist is trying SO HARD to give Beckham the completely insane things he's asking for. Look at her stifling her laughter, it's the best.

Dennis Quaid Gets A Check-up

I was trying not to have Quaid show up two times on the same list, but he's just too good. The combination of how hard he commits to what Ellen is telling him to say, and how earnestly the doctor is trying to help him really destroys me.

Andy Gets A Flu Shot

And yet another repeat customer! This isn't a traditional prank, or even a prank at all, but it comes off as one because Lassner is just so paranoid the entire time that something's gonna happen. So the fact that it really does turn out to be just a flu shot is oddly hilarious.

Jennifer Aniston Tries To Scare Ellen

And again, this one isn't Ellen scaring someone else, but seeing Jennifer Aniston fail so miserable is just proof of what a talent Ellen really has for pranks.

Don't mess with the best.