4 Questions For 'Bachelor's On-Air Wedding

by Kate Ward

Skeptics, be damned. Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe will actually wed his lovely Bachelor winner, Catherine Giudici. And, in true reality TV fashion, they will be getting married on TV. Live. Sanctioned by the Bachelor powers that be. Because the franchise announced Monday it would host the first Bachelor on-air wedding, scheduling the event for Jan. 26. That's just a little over a year after Season 17 premiered on ABC.

Of course, since Lowe and Giudici will only be the fourth Bachelor couple to make their way to the alter, this is news that brings about more than a few questions:

1. Will this be the most dramatic. Wedding. Ever?

Yes, ABC has previously aired pre-taped wedding specials for folks like Bachelor's golden couple, Trista and Ryan Sutter. But seeing as this ceremony will be live, can we count on Chris Harrison overseeing the most. Dramatic. Wedding. Special. Ever? Will we see appearances from Emily Maynard, the first woman that broke Lowe's heart? Tierra LiCausi, the first woman to cause trouble in Season 17? Courtney Robertson, the first woman in Bachelor history to skinny dip? Tell me, ABC, why should I be watching if I'm not watching for drama?

2. Who Will Be Officiating?

I feel stupid even asking, for can it be anyone other than Chris Harrison? Or, perhaps, E.L. James?

3. Who Will Officiate the First Live Bachelor Divorce?

Don't worry, ABC: I know a guy.

4. Will Lowe Marry Shirtless?

He pretty much has to, right?

Image: ABC