These Swimsuits Are As Cute As JJD's Collection

In case you missed it, Jessie James Decker’s collaboration with Amore and Sorvette is officially available for pre-order. If you act fast, you still might be able to snag one! But if the one you were eyeing has already sold out or you just can’t get enough of this incredibly cute collection, not to worry— there are other similar swimsuit lines out there that you can shop, too!

Arguably the best part of Decker’s new line is that she designed and modeled them. But, her beauty aside — the swim line’s got a ton of other great things going for it. In addition to coming in a variety of sweet and sexy shapes and cuts, you can also buy a matching suit for your baby. Just want you’ve always wanted out of a bikini, right?

And while Jessie James Decker's collection is uniquely wonderful, there are plenty of other options out there that have similar elements and styles. These three swimsuit lines bring all of the fun embellishments (ruffles and more ruffles), colorful crotchet fabrics, mommy-matching and sexy silhouettes that Decker’s line delivers. See, all of the best parts are still there — now, there’s just more of it! Can I get a hallelujah?! Too much? Oh, come on, I know you’re equally excited!


Jessie James Decker for Amore & Sorvete:

Similar looks:

Magic Top and Truffle Bottom, Beach Riot

Mary Grace Swim, Nic del Mar

Tori Praver Cabazon Top and Shanti Bottom, Nic del Mar

Colorful Crotchet:

Jessie James Decker for Amore & Sorvete:

Similar looks:

Coco Top, Beach Riot

Capri Top and Monaco Bottom, Beach Riot


Jessie James Decker for Amore & Sorvete:

Similar look:

Tori Praver Krishna for Mom and Daughter, Nic del Mar

Sexy Cutouts:

Jessie James Decker for Amore & Sorvete:

Similar look:

Mary Ann Top, Beach Riot

Leahi Bottom, Elle Mer Swim

Leahi Top, Elle Mer Swim

Kona Bottom, Elle Mer Swim

Images: Amore & Sorvete (5), Beach Riot (4), Nic del Mar (3), Elle Mer Swim (3)