Tom Hiddleston Gets Charitable For Red Nose Day Which Means Fans Get An Adorable New Round Of Pics Of Him — PHOTOS

TGIF! You'll appreciate that statement even more once you see these photos of Tom Hiddleston for Red Nose Day, a United Kingdom charity dedicated to ending world poverty. Well, another U.K. charity, ComicRelief, thought it would be a good idea to partner up and put celebrities in t-shirts, take photos of them, and raise awareness/money for such a worthy cause. One of those famous faces is the handsome and swoon-worthy Hiddleston. Do you hear that? That's Hiddlestoners screaming with joy and grabbing their credit cards so they too contribute to a cause close to Hiddleston's heart.

As you can see below in the photos and video (yes, there is a video too), Hiddleston is sporting his Red Nose Day t-shirt — it fits him beautifully, duh. In addition to that, he's also donning some lovely glasses that make him even more adorable — is that even possible? If that's not enough, his poses are fun, sexy, and, yes, even superhero-like.

Remember, this is all for charity. Red Nose Day is on Friday, March 13, so once you're done drooling over the handsome man that is Tom Hiddleston, maybe you can also lend a helping hand. A variety of Red Nose Day shirts will be available for a limited time at U.K. retailer T.K. Maxx, with, of course, the proceeds going to the notable organization.

OK. Enough chit-chat from me. Let's look at these photos!

Now, for the video, which I have no doubt we will all play on repeat. You're welcome.

It makes for one tough day when you have to write about Tom Hiddleston raising money and awareness for charity.