Kendall Jenner's Off-Duty Model Look Is Easy To Re-Create

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Leaving the Balmain runway show yesterday, Kendall Jenner rocked some seriously cool off-duty style. She went glam on top in a sequined blouse and a skirt with a high slit in it, but she topped the look off with...sneakers. What?! That’s right — sneakers!

This mixture of sporty and chic is quite on trend and it really is the perfect model off-duty look. The best part? You can easily get a similar vibe, whether you’ve just left the runway or only wish that you had!

There really isn’t an exact science to mastering this look. If it works, it works. And what really makes it work is a sense of effortlessness. Sneakers pair best with skirts that have a bit of sexiness, like that high slit (way to go, Kendall!), while maintaining a relaxed or sporty feel, or even with the opposite — with skirts that are fuller and totally chic. It makes for such a nice contrast!

As far as shoes go, just have fun with it — low- or high-tops work great! I personally like the classic black and white sneakers with these looks best, but it’s also fun to add pops of color to your outfit. Be sporty, be chic, and most importantly, just do your thang!

Click through for the best skirts and shoes to help you channel our fashionable Jenner favorite!

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