Lemon & Lavon Are Ready To Go Public On 'HOD'

by Christine DiStasio

Way back during Hart of Dixie Season 1, who would've believed that we'd be back here again? I definitely couldn't have guessed this but, as usual, Bluebell surprises me. On Friday night's episode, "Alabama Boys," Lemon and Lavon officially got together and everyone was surprisingly cool with it. But the most awkward thing about it is, like Brick said at the end of the episode, this kind of came out of nowhere. I mean, was there any build-up to this? Like essentially everything else this season, Lavon and Lemon went from total strangers to boyfriend and girlfriend in the blink of an eye.

Now, I know what you're thinking — Hart of Dixie Season 1 set us up for this relationship. But nothing, and I mean nothing, over Season 2 or 3 even hinted that Lavon and Lemon were even still pining for one another. Well, apparently they never stopped being in love and, after a few episodes of waiting, Lemon finally made her grand gesture on Friday night. It was cute, it kind of showed off how her character's changed from the woman that ditched Lavon three seasons ago, but it just happened so quickly. I get it, if Lemon had been pining for Lavon her whole life — but she essentially thought she was in love about three times in Season 3 (including almost with George Tucker — again), so I know she wasn't hung up on Lavon then.

Everything, unfortunately, seems totally off about Lavon and Lemon's reunion — starting with her trying to give Zoe the boot from her friendship with Lavon and ending with Brick's extremely uncomfortable announcement of Bluebell's new relationship. It's a confusing time for Hart of Dixie , with the question of whether or not Season 5 will happen, but the series just seems like it's throwing in the towel yet again with Lavon and Lemon. A big part of what made Dixie great was the slow-burning romantic storylines and springing Lavon and Lemon from friends to straight-up love is just too jarring for me to appreciate it.

Images: Greg Gayne/The CW