Sue's Revenge Could Actually, Finally Happen

by Keertana Sastry

For the first time in a very long time, I actually believe that Sue Sylvester might succeed in bringing down the New Directions even with the recent additions of the recently-burned and destroyed Dalton Academy's Warblers in the glee club, making a glee super group. In the past, we've seen time and time and time again that Sue is determined to ruin the lives of everyone in glee club and to destroy the group in its entirety. In fact, Glee itself made fun of this common storyline in its "Here's what you missed" portion of the episode. We all know that eventually Sue was going to get her way, and to be fair she kind of did when the New Directions disbanded before Rachel and Kurt re-formed it once again. But what continues to annoy me is how she gets opportunities beyond her wildest dreams in order to do it. In "The Rise & Fall of Sue Sylvester," Sue finally got fired from McKinley for being, well, horrible to everyone. And yet somehow by the end of the episode, she became the head coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

While having Will and Rachel and the New Directions' worst nemesis coaching their worst nemesis is indeed a terrible ordeal for the glee club, who once again faces an ultimatum of either win or get cut (though this time all arts programs go with it), what is completely baffling to me is how in the span of one episode, Sue went from having less than nothing, to once again having the resources to achieve her revenge.

Obviously with Sue's display of coaching style and her need to crush Will Schuester, she's a perfect fit and got along swimmingly with all of the monsters in Vocal Adrenaline. That was never a doubt. What really confuses me is how Sue was able to get a job at Carmel High as the coach of this very popular and talented team without really being all that successful in coaching glee club alone (New Directions' win at Nationals was a group effort and not so much about Sue's contribution).

Plus isn't Sue just tired of this ridiculously stupid vendetta about which no one else really cares? After Sue gets fired from McKinley for her terrible ethics, interactions with students and because the Superintendent finds her Hurt Locker (yikes), she is interviewed by Geraldo Rivera as being someone who has been hit with the loser stick. She's down and out as Geraldo shows her video after video of people who take apart her lies (apparently her parents weren't Nazi hunters and Michael Bolton is not the father of her baby) and tear her down as she did them. Even her best friend Becky Jackson "blew the whistle" on her.

Why does she continue to put her stupid rage ahead of just being happy? If she does finally destroy Will, will that actually make her happy? That I doubt because even in the first season, we saw that ruining New Directions, did nothing for her. She cares about those kids deep down, and here at the end of Glee, isn't that what we should all be seeing? Isn't the love for these characters and this show the most important thing to remember in the end?

Images: Eddy Chen/FOX (3)