Does Kanye West Ever Smile? Surprisingly, It's Less Of A Rare Occurrence Than You Might Think

Kanye West has us right where he wants us. Not only are bags of air from his concerts selling for thousands of dollars, but, every time Kanye West cracks a smile, it makes national news. He's basically Miranda Priestly, which I'm sure he would be happy to hear. However, instead of a nod signaling a successful Fall collection, his rare smile can mean fame for a young rapper.

In case you haven't gathered as much just yet, the latest news news related to West's facial muscles is this: West is staying in Paris for fashion week, so, of course, an artist and rapper called Jeff Jonsin showed up at his temporary home in an RV and performed on top of it. Naturally. While this is the sort of thing that could have seriously backfired, West actually seemed to really enjoy it.

West's smile and head-nodding is actually pretty adorable. It's certainly a handsome smile, and I prefer it to the scowl. However, it's his thing, and it's cool and artsy so... whatever works for him. His lack of smiling makes the rare occasions when he does more special and meaningful, and they draw attention to the things in his life that really make him happy (not waffles). Here are some of the things that make Kanye West smile.

North West

Kanye West's love for his adorable daughter is so sweet — and worth about a million smiles.

Kim Kardashian

West is often spotted smiling on the red carpet with his wife, though he usually tries to conceal it.

Ralph Lauren

This makes so much sense.


But this was a while ago, honestly — I don't know if Kanye smiles about donuts these days.

Taylor Swift

A penance smile.


Does this one look forced to anyone else?

This specific combination of famous people

In that specific order.

Grammy Awards

But only if they also go to Beyoncé.

Not smiling