9 Celebrities Who Prove That Overalls Are Now Cool

by Catie Keck

Good news! Denim overalls are happening. We’ve watched this style trend trickle in by way of one bold celebrity after another, from Dakota Johnson to Jessica Biel, who sported maternity overalls (bless this woman for being a vision of practicality). “Overalls are surprising purely for their staying power,” writes Harper’s Bazaar (dissuading any hesitation you were harboring until just now). “Girls continued to embrace the all-in-one—and look concurrently cool and playful.”

Ugh, why? you may be thinking. Let me help you understand. Overalls provide the comfort of a regular pant with more wiggle room. They are utilitarian. They are endearingly boyish. They are easy to care for. Overalls are great for summer because they aren’t as tight as a regular jean, so they don’t cling on to your legs in sweltering heat.

Overalls are everything.

“Calling all 90s fashion fans — dungarees are back,” reports Lauren Smith at Glamour. “From Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott, to on the street and the catwalks at London Fashion Week, this childhood staple has been resurrected in multiple styles for the new season, in classic stonewash denim and cute printed pinafore dresses.” You see? It’s happening.

Here are a few of our favorite styles, but feel free to add your own personal touch. The benefit of overalls is that they can be paired with literally anything.

Emma Watson

Dakota Johnson

Olivia Palermo

Jessica Biel


Kirsten Dunst

Blake Lively

Alexa Chung

Kate Hudson

Long live our childhood memories of OshKosh B'Gosh.