The Comme Des Garcons Fall 2015 Show Looks Reminded Me Of These 7 Things, From Dementor's Robes To Bedding

Models present creations for Comme des Garcons during the 2015-2016 fall/winter ready-to-wear collection fashion show on March 7, 2015 in Paris. AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY (Photo credit should read BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)
Source: BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images

Looking at some of Rei Kawakubo's more conceptual creations is basically the fashion version of cloud-gazing. Each person is likely to see a different thing in a Comme piece. Just as we like it, the Comme Des Garcons Fall 2015 show provided us with a parade of delightfully inscrutable designs that didn't quite look like clothing. Rather than the typical dresses and separates you might see in another fashion show, I saw a Gothic Christmas tree, something that looked like a bell, and some very chic Dementor's robes. It was so much fun!

Without further ado, here are seven things  that the looks from the Comme Des Garcons collection reminded me of. Also, ponder the following existential question as you leaf through the following slideshow: how does one put their body into each outfit?

A very large tampon

I only mean this in the nicest way possible. This reminds me of either someone swaddling themselves in a down comforter on a very cold day, or a tampon for a giant. 

A Goth Christmas tree

Something about this screams Addams family yuletide tradition to me. 

Church bells and an ominous black cloud of smoke

These two don’t even know what to make of each other. I, in turn, don’t know what to make of them. 

Fragile objects wrapped for a move

This is what it looks like when I wrap a mirror in pillows and sheets to prevent from breaking in transit. It’s very effective. 

The shapeless, faceless monster under your bed

This is a pretty esoteric connection to try to make, but something about this creation evokes an impending sense of fear and doom. 

The contents of your spare room closet

Your mom’s wedding dress; your brother’s wrestling helmet from middle school; some old scarves that used to belong to your great aunt: all things you’ll find in the melange of stuff in your house’s forgotten closet. You will also find all of those things in this outfit.

A Victorian version of Dementor's robes

Back in the 19th Century, the nefarious joy-sucking spirits of the wizarding world wore some slightly more ornate, lacy robes. It was the style back then.