This is How Having a Daughter Changes Men

by Sara Levine

I unfortunately can't think of a clever way to introduce that someone asked the men of reddit how having a daughter changed them and the ways they viewed women, so I'm just going to say it. I mean, I already did, but you get it. If you have a dad or a father figure in your life, I recommend bringing him around to read this one--and maybe ask him this question!--because the answers are equal parts sweet and eye-opening.

As Barney taught us in the How I Met Your Mother finale, having a daughter can soften up even the most unlikely of characters. Yes, I know, that was just on TV, but still, I believe that having kids changes people (one would hope), so why couldn't something like that happen in real life? I think it could. Although I do hope that if there is a real-life Barney Stinson out there, that I never meet him.

I asked my own dad this question, and so far, he hasn't texted me back. Sorry that was anticlimactic. I know, I know, I probably should have called him. I will update this article if my dad ever gets back to me, if anybody cares.

Luckily for you, these dads did respond to the original question. I've picked out my favorite answers, but you can read all the responses in all of their glory here.

1. "It's like someone is playing a cruel joke on an entire gender."

This. All of this.

2. Constantly changing social status...and porn

So uh, that was a surprise ending. This guy is right about girls being kind of the worst when it comes to being friends, at least in middle school. Middle school kids in general are the worst, though.

3. A gross but important lesson

Never wipe back to front!! Just thinking about it is making me shudder. Whyyyyyyy

4. Now here is a guy who gets it.

I would insert another preach gif in here but there's no need to be redundant. Maybe we should implement a system to give all misogynists a, wait, that would be a terrible idea.

5. Someone who actually learned about sons instead

He didn't answer the question (like, at all), but I'm going to let it slide because I think this answer is pretty eye-opening. Maybe that's why my dad never tried to scare the living hell out of any of my boyfriends. Or maybe he's just not scary, I don't know.

6. And here's one more thing you have to look forward to when you have kids

Oh, Kinkzoz. You are too much.

Update: My dad texted me back! He said, "Sure it did. I wanted my daughters to have the same opportunities as my son." Awww. Virtual hugs, dad. Virtual hugs.

Images: Reddit; Giphy