Benedict Cumberbatch & Harrison Ford Dodge 'Star Wars' Questions, Are Our New BrOTP

Benedict Cumberbatch has only spent a few shorts years in the spotlight so far, but he is already a geek icon. Harrison Ford, of course, is on a level all this own. Which is why watching Cumberbatch and Ford interact on The Graham Norton Show is its own special brand of interesting — especially when they start just loving on each other. Don't get too excited: You haven't stumbled into fan fiction. But it was pretty cute.

We probably have J.J. Abrams and his infuriating and infamous secrecy to thank for the lovely exchange that has made this interview so popular. Asked about his role in the upcoming Star Wars sequel film, Ford immediately shut his face and refused to discuss it (we like to imagine Abrams weilding a knife and a serial killer smile directly off-screen). This led Ford to change the subject as quickly as possible, which led to him telling Cumberbatch what a huge fan of his work he is, which led to Cumberbatch once again showing the world he's the perfect humble British gentleman and blushing hard.

"That's a bit of a moment!" Cumberbatch said sweetly, obviously storing that mental picture away for future/forever fanboying. SO WILL WE, BENEDICT, SO WILL WE.

"I can retire now," Cumberbatch continued. He should probably know that if he does that we will cry. Literal tears will spill from our eyes.

Of course, all of this was followed by Graham Norton then asking Benedict if he's been cast in the new Star Wars film, which resulted in a similar face-shutting as Ford's. Cumberbatch has of course worked with Abrams before in Star Trek, so this could easily mean that 1) he's been cast and is under contractual obligation to keep his face shut about it, or 2) he just knows how freaking scary J.J. Abrams can be when it comes to his wild attempts to keep every bit of information away from everyone.

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Image: BBC America