5 Makeup Tips For Blondes All Golden-Haired Girls Need To Know

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The phrase "blonde bombshell" exists for a reason: Those golden strands easily catch a whole lot of attention. But why settle for getting noticed when you, my blonde friends, could be showstoppers? That's right, even the sexiest blonde hairdo can be amped up with this one crucial to-do: the right makeup that complements your golden locks without coming off as harsh or overpowering.

Sure, it's easy to stick to what you know, but what if what you know is a poor combination of products from the CVS beauty aisle? That's where Make Up For Ever's Director of Artistry and Education, Lijha Stewart, comes in. Check out Stewart's best makeup tips for blondes.

WARNING: You'll probably want a killer outfit and slammin' pair of heels on standby to debut your revamped, flawless face, ASAP.

Image: juleshough/Instagram

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