A Definitive Ranking Of The 'Sound Of Music' Songs

It has been 50 years since The Sound of Music was released, and for many, it still holds the title of one of the best movies ever made. The timelessness at the core of the film, a film about accepting love when you least expect it, is never something that is going to go out of date, thus why it's a film that people still talk about. Plus, how can we deny the amazingness that was Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer? Answer: You can't. The film, adapted from the Broadway musical, is filled with incredible songs that still move people (Hello, Lady Gaga at the Oscars), but of course there are a few that don't hold a candle to the wow factor of some of the best tunes in the soundtrack.

Don't get me wrong, I own like way too many versions of this soundtrack, so I love all the songs as a whole. But we've all been there when we're not exactly in the mood for "Edelweiss" to come on during our workout (just kidding, "Edelweiss" is perfect for every situation, as will be evident on this forthcoming list). So where do The Sound of Music songs rank compared to each other? Coming from someone who is pretty much dedicated her life to worshipping The Sound of Music, organizing this list was no easy feat, I'd compare it to catching a cloud and pinning it down (HA!), but without further ado, here is the definitive ranking of each Sound of Music song.

19. "Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Reprise)"

ICYMI, this song is so dated in its concepts — you don't ever have to belong to "him!" Plus, this just doesn't come close to compare to how charming the first version is (the gazebo jumps, anyone?).

18. "Something Good"

Love the scene, but the song is kind of a snooze. This is what we've been waiting for all movie long, we need way more than this song. We deserve more than this song.

17. "Do-Re-Mi (Reprise)"

The reprise of this song does little for the original song, especially if you think you know the words (it's supposedly so easy according to Maria), but the Von Trapp Family Singers pull the switch on us and change up the words. Totally defeating the point of "Do-Re-Mi" to begin with.

16. "Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise)"

In the final scene of the film, this song is definitely a powerful moment. No shade to the chorus that sings it, but this is Mother Abbess' song. (Drops mic.) (Picks up mic and asks if Captain Von Trapp is going to have to carry Gretl all the way to their final destination?)

15. Processional and Maria (Instrumental)"

It's sweet that they sang a song about Maria being all sorts of a hot mess during her wedding, isn't it? What if Captain Von Trapp was like, "A flibbertigibbet? I'm outski. PEACE." Seriously, isn't there a rule about not comparing the blushing bride to a clown on her wedding day?

14. "My Favorite Things (Reprise)"

If you look up melancholy in the dictionary, you'll probably get a sound clip of this song. It's so Debbie Downer, but at the same time Maria comes in at the end and fixes everything, so we all good, right?

13. "So Long, Farewell (Reprise)"

If I'm ever going to escape the country, you better believe it's going to be to an auditorium full of people singing "So Long, Farewell." This version (obviously) doesn't have the same pep in its step as the Von Trapp party version did.

12. "The Lonely Goatherd"

Maybe this would have had a higher ranking if those damn marionettes weren't so terrifying. Because I really do love a good yodel.

11. "The Sound of Music (Reprise)"

Music is back in the Von Trapp house and even though the children sound like they're being forced to sing against their will (to Baroness Elsa, nonetheless), they sound as if they've been singing all their lives. Raise your hand if you get chills when Captain Von Trapp joins in!

10. "I Have Confidence"

Consider this an official suggestion to dump your "Eye of the Tiger" pump up mix for this little ditty by Julie Andrews.

9. "Edelweiss (Reprise)"

This is clearly different than the version Captain Von Trapp sings in his home. This version Georg gets choked up while performing it for the Salzburg Music Festival, and his whole entire clan of a family jumps in, and it's so perfect. Plus, the whole damn audience joins in. Bless my homeland foreeeeeverrrrr.

8. "Maria"

Nuns can have fun, too. Sister Sophia throwing serious shade at Maria shows that these gals are fun, sassy, and just like you and your friends at brunch on Sundays.

7. "Prelude/ The Sound of Music"

This song has to be Top 10 since it is the namesake of the movie. Plus, frolicking on a grassy knoll singing your heart out where no one can hear you is every girl's dream, right?

6. "My Favorite Things"

While I can't say brown paper packages tied up with string is on the list of my favorite things, I totally admire Maria for saying it loud and proud. Shout out to Fredrick for being so IDGAF about this storm, not.

5. "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"

Mother Abbess just gets it. (So does Audra McDonald who crushed this song during an otherwise train wreck of a live musical on NBC in 2013.)

4. "Edelweiss"

It's just such a good song, you guys! Plus the father/daughter moment between Captain Von Trapp and Liesl is adorable.

3. "So Long, Farewell"

Kurt is hilarious. Brigitta is so sassy. Gretl is so tired she can't even make it up the stairs. New #lifegoal is to leave every room with this song, I don't care if it takes me five minutes each time.

2. "Sixteen Going On Seventeen"

If you're a Sound of Music fan, you've definitely sung this song by yourself, both parts, and tried to make a makeshift gazebo bench set-up with cushions. Even though Liesl definitely doesn't need Rolfe in her life (for about a million reasons), this is such a darling number.

1. "Do-Re-Mi"

This song simultaneously taught you about music and made you look crazy because you were singing notes and not words (until Maria puts the notes to words, because when you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!!!!).

Images: 20 Century Fox