This Video Asks Men To Identify Beauty Products

There are things that women can trust men to purchase for them upon request: A pack of socks, shampoo, maybe even some sanitation products every now and again. However, one thing that will never be on that list is beauty products. There is no denying that women have a very special relationship with their beauty routine from moisturizer to lipsticks, eyelash curlers to lip enhancers. It is imperative that eyebrows stay on-fleek, faces remain contoured and pimples don't go awry. You can't just can't leave these things in the hands of a guy. Cosmopolitan proves this in their "Clueless Guys Identify Beauty Tools" video, which shows that guys are, well, clueless when it comes to beauty products.

The video invites men to take a guess at some of the most common beauty tools used by women and the result is hilarious. A few dudes agree that an eyelash curler "blows out your eyebrows" and appear to be pretty secure in that assumption. The flash tattoos that were all the rage this past year are apparently "water-based tattoos for your hair" or a wrap for a ponytail. And perhaps the most outrageous guess is that a rattail comb with a metal spike is a prison shank, which is actually plausible.

The video is only two minutes long, but one can only imagine what would have come of some of the beauty products that weren't included. Here are a few products and assumptions of what guys might have thought of other tools.

Liquid Eyeliner

Used to draw on temporary tattoos?

Sponge Applicators

Used to blot sweat droplets in the summer?

Eyebrow Shapers

Another prison shank? Which, again, is plausible.

Cosmetic Organizer

Carry-on luggage?

Images: Cosmopolitan; Giphy