Celebs Tweet About International Women's Day

Today's the day for us, ladies! It's International Women's Day, a day designed for women to celebrate, well, us and all of our many achievements over the years, including making the frustrating adjustment to switching to Daylight Savings Time today. But seriously, International Women's Day began in 1911 as rallies across Europe to fight for women's working, voting, economic, and social rights and it was a rousing success and became recognized by the United Nations in 1975, as well as becoming a national holiday in more than 15 countries. And feminist celebs have been sharing their commemorations of the day on social media.

Actress Emma Watson, pioneer of the He For She movement and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, is even doing a live Q&A today on Facebook to discuss the initiative for males to join the fight for gender equality. "It's not enough to ask men to support us, women also have to support each other," she said in the Q&A. "Gender equality was historically women's problem.I want to show everyone can be part of solution."

Celebs have taken to social media to recognize the day in many different ways.

With Inspirational Quotes

By Saluting Their Favorite Inspirational Women

By Doing Whatever They Want

And By Realizing We Still Have a Long Way to Go