Julie From 'Friends' Plays Ali’s Lawyer On 'PLL' & Here's What She's Been Up To Since She Got In Between Ross & Rachel

Gather 'round Pretty Little Liars and Friends fans, because it's time we chat about ABC Family's beloved drama and NBC's comedy that is still popular. What's the cause for this celebration? How about the fact that Lauren Tom is in both. For those who still need clarification: Tom plays Ali's lawyer, Rebecca, on PLL and played Julie, Ross' girlfriend on Friends . Now does the name ring a bell? That's what I thought.

Seeing Tom pop up as Ali's lawyer (who I'm sure can't be trusted, because when is anyone ever honest in Rosewood?) made me think back to the good old days and simpler times. Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica could (and can) sure take away anyones worries. For example, when Ross created that list, when Rachel got closure, when Julie got off the plane with Ross, when Rachel hung up on Julie, when Ross finally learned at one point Rachel was under him, and when it took a prom video to finally get Ross and Rachel together. See? Life was just so less complicated in the '90s and made everyone feel all warm and tingly.

Even though Julie was really nice, Tom played one of the most despised characters on the comedy. Let's have Rachel speak for us avid Friends fans:

We feel you, Rachel. We feel you.

Despite Julie being from New York, like our favorite six friends and being super nice with everyone, it was a glorious day when this happened, right?

Then, the Friends fandom screamed with even more delight when Joey uttered this line to Rachel:

Finally, after all that list business was done and over with, the entire world couldn't help smile and cry tears of joy when Phoebe said this:

Who would have thought one character could be responsible for all of that? Well done, Lauren Tom. Well done. So, what has she been up to since making everyone hate her as Julie? You know, besides being Ali's lawyer on PLL:

Well, for one, she's been fighting supernatural beings. Yep, Tom is a badass. With that said, here's where Tom's been spotted on the small screen.

She's Done A Lot Of Voiceovers

From Superman to Batman Beyond to Dexter's Laboratory to Kim Possible to King of the Hill to Kung Fu Panda 2, Tom is no stranger to doing voiceovers. Actually, she might be best known for voicing Amy Wong on Comedy Central's Futurama. Just think, now every time you hear Amy's voice you'll probably get the urge to watch Friends.

She Fights Demons On Supernatural

Alongside Sam and Dean Winchester, Tom sometimes helps them fight demons as Linda Tran. She first was introduced on The CW show when Linda's son, Kevin, became the almighty prophet everyone was after. As a SPN fan, let me tell you, she's amazing and has no problem keeping up with Sam and Dean.

Her Character Was Married To A Good Times Actor

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On ABC's Men in Trees, Tom recurred on the short-lived dramedy. She played Mai Washington, Buzz's (John Amos, aka James Evans Sr. on Good Times) wife. Buzz was known for selling random items found in unclaimed luggage, while Mai was known for being a mail-order bride.

She Guest-Starred On The Newsroom

In Season 2 of Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama, Tom portrayed Kathy Ling, an expert working at the decision desk on election night. She only appeared in two episodes, but as you can see above, she didn't go unnoticed.

Sorry, Tom, but no matter how many roles you take on, you'll always be Julie to us Friends lovers.

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