'Real Housewives of Atlanta's Going to Therapy

by Kayla Hawkins

So many times through the seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I've thought about how much easier all of this interpresonal drama would be if they just talked things through. Now, it seems like at least one person on the cast agrees, because NeNe Leakes is taking the RHOA to therapy on the next episode. Surprisingly, this was NeNe's idea — or Bravo's idea spoken through NeNe — and she was the one who collected everyone together to propose the idea, like Nick Fury in a pair of silvery hoops and set of heels. The ladies all agreed to go to the counseling together, and it felt like a preview to the reunion based on how much cajoling was required to even get these women in a room together.

NeNe's choice of therapist is a familiar face (and voice) to fans of the show. Dr. Jeff did help mediate between Gregg Leakes and his children, who had been lashing out at NeNe even though they were really mad at their dad. But we'll have to wait until next week to actually see the therapy session and find out if the good doctor can help out the RHOA. Already we know from the trailer that it will involve NeNe wearing a jumpsuit and storming all the way out of the room and into the elevator, tailed the whole way by a protesting and desperate Dr. J. Now we just have to wonder who it is who sets her off. My guess is Cynthia, not Kenya. The whole thing was almost derailed by Cynthia arguing with all of NeNe's little points and refusing to let her get a sentence out.

Demetria returned, dressed not unlike a bumblebee, but there was no mention of Roger Bobb or anything else that makes her interesting. Demetria and Claudia are still close, and actually that whole team, Demetria, Claudia, Cynthia, and Kenya — were mostly absent from this episode, since they're just laying in wait for the next time Phaedra pops up in order to attack her. Hopefully this therapy session doesn't descend into physical violence.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo