'The Walking Dead' Episode "Spend" Promises More Drama Between Rick & Pete — VIDEO

Still reeling from Sunday night's normcore episode of The Walking Dead? I've got you covered when it comes to this week's Walking Dead sneak peek on Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick's guests were filmmaker Kevin Smith and Walking Dead Alexandria residents Ross Marquand and Alexandra Breckinridge. Besides a healthy amount of speculation about what Alexandria is all about and how far Rick Grimes has gone at this point, we also got a taste of next week's episode of The Walking Dead , which is titled "Spend."

In the preview, Pete has a heart to heart with Rick. You could say that, at least. They're in the house that Rick shares with Michonne, with her katanas and a painting of London on the wall. Pete is clearly drunk. He's also disheveled, not at all the clean cut husband we saw at Deanna Monroe's welcome party. Pete suggests that Rick bring his kids by his office for a check up. That's one of the most shocking things about the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Folks have both the resources and the time to be day drunk. They should be friends, Pete drawls, because they kind of have to be, right? It could not have been more threatening. Nothing is getting by old Doctor Pete. He must be able to tell that Rick is making eyes at Jessie, his wife.

What's interesting about this to me is that these past couple of episodes have made a point of emphasizing how allegedly bad Rick is at judging character. Everyone's new favorite bromance, Daryl and Aaron, talked about it at length during their travels this week. Deanna, on the other hand, specializes in judging character and Aaron can tell that his new buddy has that talent as well. That said, Rick seems to be on the right track with Pete. Is this a red herring? Where is all of this going? Watch the preview below.

Image: Gene Page/AMC