Harrison Ford Update From His Son Gives The Fans More Hope For A Speedy Recovery

Fans, friends, and casual observers alike have been united in their concern for Star Wars actor Harrison Ford after his plane crashed on a golf course in California last Thursday. Although the actor was initially reportedly to be critically injured, he was later clarified to be suffering some "moderate trauma" that required him to be taken to the hospital. By all indications — and especially on the word of his son Ben Ford — there has been nothing to indicate that his recovery would not be a speedy one. Thankfully, we received more good news to that effect on Saturday. In a since deleted tweet, Ben Ford reported that Harrison Ford is "on the mend," which is a huge relief to those of us waiting patiently for his full recovery.

"We want thank you all for your concern," the tweet, posted to Ben Ford's Twitter account, allegedly read. "Dad has the best care possible, on the mend and of strong mind body & spirit." It's not the first update about Harrison Ford's condition that his son has posted and then deleted, though it's likely for a good reason. Ben appears to use his Twitter mainly to promote his career as a chef (among other things), and overlapping that with news about his father's health might seem in bad taste for one reason or another.

Regardless, it's a huge relief to hear that Harrison Ford continues to be recovering well, and that we have yet to hear any reports — erroneous or otherwise — of complications in that recovery. This might not be the first time that Ford has crashed his plane, but this does feel like the scariest time since it was a mechanical failure that took the plane down. Still, the man behind Han Solo and Indiana Jones can't be taken down so easily, and it's just a matter of time before he's back on his feet again. All we have to do is wait.