3 Tips For Wearing That Black Lipstick Trend

Black lipstick was seen on the models at Giles and Emanuel Ungaro fashion shows this season. Yes, the hard-to-wear black lipstick trend is cool on runways, where fashion forwardness reigns supreme, but what about in, you know, real life or on your pucker? It's not an easy product to experiment with or to get away with, since it's such a strong look and creates a sense of imbalance with the rest of your face no matter how much or how little other makeup you wear or what other features you accentuate ... the eye will always be drawn to a black lipstick look.

Anyone who follows Kylie Jenner on Instagram knows that the teen has a fondness for onyx-painted lips, as well. She pulls it off, but it is extreme and requires practice.

As Allure noted, makeup artists can mimic patent leather by adding a slick of clear gloss, keep bleeding or messiness to a minimum by using quality liner, and can go for that punk and gothic combo by keeping the rest of the face light or relatively product-free.

There's no way to deny that inky lips are polarizing, somewhat gothic, and totally vampy. But when done right, the look can be really stunning and you will standout in any room in which you walk, but for the right reasons.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't fret, though. If you are itching to try this "trend," which is really not a trend, as it's more of a daring beauty style, well, here are three tips to translate it IRL. I can help you figure out black lipstick quickly.

1. One And Done

Stick to the lips as the focus feature. Don't go crazy with eyeliner or dust on too much face powder. I am talking white powder or bronzer. Keep everything else to a minimum, since you don't want your face to be too "loud." Let the black lipstick do the most talking... really! Notice Kylie's eyelashes and her brows are long and well-groomed, respectively, but other than that, she is pretty bare and her matte black lipstick looks amaze because of it.

2. Prep And Prime

Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You should always take care of your lips with moisturizing products like balm. But if you want to go with an extreme and intense look like black lipstick, then go the extra mile by exfoliating with a baby toothbrush. Nothing looks ickier than chapped lips with a deep, rich, matte lip color on top. Ugh. So take the time to rid yourself of any possible flakes.

3. Get To Know Your Friends At Ardency Inn

One of my favorite brands is Ardency Inn, which is inspired by downtown NYC music nightlife. So of course they have options when it comes to black lipstick. I tried the Punker Semi-Goth Lip Gloss pencil, and wore it around the house. I was too shy to take it for a test drive outside, though. One day I will. I promise.

Or why not try Black Is Blue, an alternative to black but one that is equally wow-inducing? It's dark and it's powerful, but it's not as extreme as black.

So if you have the guts to try black lipstick, these are the basic tenets to keep in mind, you punk rocker, you!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Getty (2); Ardency Inn (2)