13 Spring Date Ideas To Cure Every Couple Who Suffered From A Serious Case Of The Winter Blues

Spring has almost sprung, which means in a few weeks we will crawl out of hibernation and soak up the beauty of the season. We will soon shed our sweatpants, put on real clothes, and start living again. And for couples, that means going on an actual warm weather, springtime date.

Let's be honest, couples get a little lazy in love during the winter months. They start off with the best intentions, planning perfect winter-themed dates. But as the temperature drops and snow mounds rise, they convince one another to skip the restaurant and cook a delicious dinner for two instead (or, more realistically, order takeout). Though this routine works for a while, it can eventually take its toll and feel a little boring. So much so that you begin to wonder whether you and your significant other will ever make it to spring.

After being curled up on a couch for four months, most people forget what constitutes an actual date. Well fear not lovebirds. Whether you two have seen your share of April showers or are experiencing the season together for the first time, these spring date ideas will help your love life adjust to the change in season.

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by Leah Rocketto

For the Early Risers

Sometimes a couple’s conflicting work schedules make date nights impossible. Rather than trying to coordinate evening schedules, wake up an hour or two earlier for a little a.m. romance. Pack a bag of your favorite breakfast goodies (coffee will be a must-have at this hour), drive to the nearest park, playground, or beach, and watch the sunrise together.

For the Fools In Love

Gene Kelly was right — there is something super romantic about a rendezvous in the rain. Next time an April shower comes your way, grab your partner and run around in the raindrops. Not only will this bring you closer together, but it could also lead to some post-storm cuddling. A good deal if you ask me.

For the Artsy Pair

Why confine your creativity to paper? Use some sidewalk chalk to create a masterpiece or two on the street.

For the Foodies

Spring’s arrival means more options at the farmer’s market. Take advantage of the bountiful selection and whip up a seasonal, savory meal. Or for those who crave some culinary competition, challenge each other to make different dishes using the same set of fresh ingredients.

For the Active Type

After being cooped up all winter, couples could use a heavy dose of fresh air. Soak up the sun while sinking a few holes in one at your nearest Putt-Putt.

For the Nature Lovers

What better way to welcome spring than by growing your own garden? Even city-dwelling couples can partake in this seasonal hobby by harvesting some plants in their apartment.

For the Children at Heart

Just because you two are adults doesn’t mean you have to act that way all the time. Head to the playground for an afternoon of swinging, sliding, and silliness. If you’re worried that the kids will judge you (or, more accurately, their parents), wait till nightfall when the playground is sure to be empty.

For the Animal Lovers

You’ll be in pure puppy love after spending an afternoon at the animal shelter. Not only is this a great way to give back, but it’s the perfect test-run for couples who are considering animal adoption.

For the Traditionalists

You can’t go wrong with a classic picnic in the park. It is the perfect activity for a warm afternoon, and a great way to show off your pasta salad-making skills.

For the New Kids In Town

If you and your partner just moved in together, chances are you haven’t had time to explore the new neighborhood. Take a walk around the area and see what it has to offer. Who knows? You may end up stumbling upon a new spot for your date nights.

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For the Sport Fanatics

Bust out the foam finger and root for your team. Whether you’re cheering on professional players or the hometown heroes, it’s bound to be a fun night.

For the Astronomers In Training

Nothing says romance like a night spent staring at the stars. Before setting up the telescope, stop by the library to pick up a few astronomy books. This will make it easier to navigate the galaxy.

For the Daring Duo

Now that the weather is warm, there’s no need to wear so many layers. Or any for that matter. Turn your traditional night of Netflix and takeout into a more adventurous affair by stripping down. It may eliminate any foreplay, but we have a feeling that won’t bother your boo one bit.

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