13 Spring Date Ideas To Cure Every Couple Who Suffered From A Serious Case Of The Winter Blues

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Spring has almost sprung, which means in a few weeks we will crawl out of hibernation and soak up the beauty of the season. We will soon shed our sweatpants, put on real clothes, and start living again. And for couples, that means going on an actual warm weather, springtime date.

Let's be honest, couples get a little lazy in love during the winter months. They start off with the best intentions, planning perfect winter-themed dates. But as the temperature drops and snow mounds rise, they convince one another to skip the restaurant and cook a delicious dinner for two instead (or, more realistically, order takeout). Though this routine works for a while, it can eventually take its toll and feel a little boring. So much so that you begin to wonder whether you and your significant other will ever make it to spring.

After being curled up on a couch for four months, most people forget what constitutes an actual date. Well fear not lovebirds. Whether you two have seen your share of April showers or are experiencing the season together for the first time, these spring date ideas will help your love life adjust to the change in season.

Image: Ashley Batz/Bustle

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