Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Empire’ Song “Remember The Music” Has Lyrics That Should Be Turned Into Inspirational Posters

The gods and goddesses of Empire, Fox's addictive drama (soap opera) about a hip hop dynasty, has just dropped a new song by Jennifer Hudson, and it's as spectacular as you would imagine. The Oscar-winner belts her way through "Remember the Music," and ,though the song is a little over-produced, it certainly fits the glitzy, glamorous nature of Empire. Hudson plays a character named Michelle, who tries to make music with Andre, and this new song is clearly a tribute to that relationship.

"Remember the Music," which premiered on, is a top-notch ballad that does everything a Jennifer Hudson ballad should do: it soars, it makes you want to sing in the shower (or at karaoke after a bit of liquid courage), and it inspires you to face whatever challenges come your way. Be it mending a broken relationship or just getting to 5 p.m. after a long day of cubicle life, "Remember the Music" is there for you, I promise.

This new song which will appear on Season 1 of Empire 's soundtrack is SO inspiring that its lyrics should be turned into inspirational posters. Here are the lines that need to be paired with images of mountains and majestic birds when it's plastered all over your office walls:

"I'll be patient with you, someone was patient with me."

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

"Everybody's got a story to tell."

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Sometimes you've got face the music and play by yourself."


"You live and you learn, even when you think the times get hard."

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"It's temporary."


"You don't ever give up."

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Suck it, Simon Cowell."

That's not technically in the song... but still.

You can listen to the whole song on Vevo when it's released on March 10th, or head on over to People for a first listen.

Image: vh1/Tumblr