9 Types Of Beyonce Fans To Expect

by Alanna Bennett

Queen Bey may not be there herself, but MTV is honoring Beyonce in a way true to her impact: With a 24-hour dance marathon meant to boost their ratings. Beyonce is a powerhouse, there is no doubt, and one that has lit dance floors on (figurative) fire for the better part of two decades. She's also the biggest name in music right now and arguably one of the most famous people in all of humanity, so it makes sense that MTV would attempt to channel that energy into a Beyonce-themed dance party outside their headquarters. It also then follows that this event would accrue masses of Beyonce fans on the streets of New York, the event calling to them as anything emitting the sweet sounds of Beyonce obviously would.

And so with this dance marathon is obviously going to come quite the crowd — perhaps even one that epitomizes the modern day Beyonce fan, way more than it epitomizes the modern day state of MTV. It also seems like it'll check off another of MTV's set goals for the event by epitomizing our relationship with 2015 — the network will be asking "viewers to express their wishes for the world in 2025, and will print out as many as possible to be buried in a time capsule for a decade." You can bet that if they pull from that dance marathon crowd they'll be getting a lot of "Blue Ivy takes over the world"s.

Not all of us can be there live at this Beyonce dance marathon extravaganza. But do we really have to be, when we can already envision what it's going to look like? Here are nine types of people you're sure to find in that crowd Monday night.

The One Who Memorized All Her Music Video Dance Moves

This one's intense, and they will hit you with their flailing limbs, especially when they attempt that "Crazy In Love" drop in those crowds.

The One Who Only Knows The "Single Ladies" Dance

You can't exactly fault them, since it's the most iconic to date. But it's gonna be a long 24-hours.

The One Who Belts Along To All The Songs


Not just sings along like the rest of us, straight-up belts them like Beyonce is watching and looking for a successor. Double points if this person is the same one who's got all the dance moves down pat.

The One Who DIYed Her Concert Costumes


Bow down to this one. Ask if they'll design something for you on commission. Cherish them.

The One Who Just Thought This Would Be A Good First Time To Try Molly

Yeah, their flailing limbs are even more likely to hit you than the ones attempting music video choreography.

The One Still Way Too Attached To Destiny's Child

This is the person shouting over the music to their fellow dancers, "they're TOTALLY getting back together, just you wait!" Let it go, I'm so sorry, let it go.

The One Who Only Came Because Of That 24-Hour Dance Marathon On Gilmore Girls

"Beyonce who? Where's Lauren Graham." Bonus points if this person is Alexis Bledel.

The One Desperately Hoping To Catch A Glimpse Of Queen Bey

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sorry, dude, wrong event.

The Drunk Girl From That Bathroom Line That One Time

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of the fondest cultural Drunk Girl past times is communing with other Drunk Girls in communal spaces about Beyonce. This is their time to shine. This is their moment. This also extends beyond all genders, of course: Girls, boys, gender nonconforming people, you name it — Beyonce communing is for everyone.

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