PFW Street Style Yields Actually Wearable Trends

by Tyler Atwood

There is much to learn from Fashion Month, and sartorial school hasn't let out quite yet. Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, and top fashion bloggers are out in force sporting their most artistic ensembles. Though the week has seen its fair share of crimson pleather and cloaks that look more like Halloween costumes than outerwear, the vast majority of street style looks are actually wearable. For its attendees, a front row spot just inches from the runway is the height of luxury, but one could easily make the argument that sitting in front of a computer in the comfort of a cozy apartment and scrolling through street style compilations is actually the best seat in the house.

Paris Fashion Week is by no means basic this season, but its trends fall back on fundamental principles that are as flattering as they are fun. Monochrome ensembles in exuberant hues have marched alongside crisp black and white getups, fur (both faux and real) is once agin de rigueur, and outerwear is where it's at for the coming seasons. So pull up your favorite chair, turn on your Spotify playlist, and read on for Paris Fashion Week's most alluring street style trends.

1. Furry Layers

Whether you prefer faux or real, pelts are in play at Paris Fashion Week. However, the key to 2015's fur is a brilliantly layered look for increased warmth and a multi-dimensional effect. Fashion guru Margaret Zhang took to Paris Fashion Week in a navy suit paired with a taupe topper and a delightfully furry overcoat.

2. Crimson Tide

Those who find black and tan ensembles hopelessly drab are in luck; monochrome crimson ensembles are crowding the Paris streets, with splashes of the vibrant hue utilized to punctuate otherwise subtle ensembles. The Blonde Salad blogger Chiara Ferragni spearheaded the trend in a wonderfully whimsical cape with fur-adorned pumps.

3. Motorcycle Diaries

If you haven't secured a leather motorcycle jacket for your closet yet, get thee to a thrift shop. Lightly weathered leather jackets are the staple du jour for fashion bloggers as evidenced by the venerable Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. Throw your leather jacket over a prim, ladylike blouse or ethereal frock for sartorial bonus points.

4. In The Trenches

A beautifully rendered beige trench coat is never out of style, and blogger Olivia Palermo took inspiration from the classic item's clean lines and tortoiseshell buttons with her oversized car coat.

5. Black And White

Though Paris's winding roads have been abuzz with bloggers in brightly hued ensembles over the past week, prim black and white looks were equally prevalent. A refined Vanessa Hong chose black and white as her palette of choice during Paris Fashion Week, opting to make a statement with unexpected fabrics, contrasting textures, and unexpectedly insouciant accents like her trusted leather motorcycle jacket.

Images: Instagram/margaret_zhang; Instagram/chiaraferragni; Instagram/manrepeller; Instagram/oliviapalermo; Instagram/ thehautepursuit