8 Random Things That Look Like The Gold MacBook

by Alicia Lu

Somewhere, Kanye West is looking for the pre-order button on Apple's website. On Monday, the tech giant announced that its new Apple MacBook will come in gold, just like its iPhone and iPad, when it launches on April 10. Whether it you think it's the epitome of luxury or garish like the gold toilets you imagine in The Donald's penthouse, there's no denying that the gold Apple MacBook is eye-catching. And there's even less denying that it looks like a wide array of other gold things.

Besides this exciting new color choice, the new MacBook will come with an unprecedentedly high-quality 12-inch Retina display, a thinner and lighter frame, new and improved keys and trackpad, and a fan-less design to make it the quietest model in Apple history. But enough about the functional specs, because that gold though...

For such an innovative company, it's surprising that Apple waited this long to offer its popular laptop in the highly coveted color. The color gold represents all things decadent, luxurious, and enviable — forget green; gold is the real color of money. Sure, some people love gold so much they render entire rooms in the color, but others think its opulence is excessive and vulgar. I mean, it can be hard to evoke images of Gilded Age high society when people now wear gold on their teeth (looking at you, Flavor Flav).

Here are eight things that Apple's new gold MacBook looks like.

1. Real Gold Bars


2. Fake Gold Bars That Are Actually Just Chocolate

3. Jennifer Lawrence's Dress At The L.A. Premiere Of The Hunger Games

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

4. An Oscar Statue


5. This Gold Toilet (No, It Doesn't Belong To The Donald)


6. This Incredibly Blinding Limo


7. These Women Who Once Flanked Kanye

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

8. The White And Gold Version Of The Dress

Images: Getty Images (7), Candy Warehouse, Swiked/Tumblr