Celebs Remember Sam Simon With Heartfelt Tweets About 'The Simpson's Co-Creator & Animal Lover

On Sunday, the world lost a great talent and charitable man. I'm talking about The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, who died at 59 after battling colorectal cancer. In 2012, Simon was diagnosed with the terminal illness. After sharing with the world his battle, Simon also revealed he would donate his entire multimillion dollar fortune to charity, because that's the type of man that he was. Now, celebrities have taken to Twitter to share their condolences about Simon's death showing he touched the lives of many through his talents and philanthropic efforts.

Even though not everyone commenting knew Simon personally or had ever met him, it seems that he inspired others through his work. Seeing as he worked on many hits, like Cheers, Taxi, and The Drew Carey Show, among many others, it's no wonder that many felt like they knew the man who behind so many beloved series.

Plus, when someone takes time out of their busy schedule, and makes sure they're still doing good in the world no matter how sick they are — to donate time and money to charities like PETA, Save the Children, Feeding Families, and the Sam Simon Foundation — well, that just goes to show you the kind of person they truly are. Simon definitely impacted others and will forever leave a positive mark on the world.

With that said, here are a few heartfelt thoughts celebrities have shared on Twitter showing their love, respect, and gratitude for Sam Simon.