'The Returned' Introduces A Very Mysterious Kid

by Keertana Sastry

The premiere of A&E's new series The Returned was really quite something. Despite being an extremely faithful interpretation of the French series upon which it was based, the American version was still able to keep the same level of creepiness, dark beauty, and much more that made Les Revenants so captivating. One of the creepiest parts of the pilot was the introduction of Victor, a young boy who was found and taken in by local doctor Julie Han. The little boy didn't speak for a majority of the pilot, but made an impression on Julie who ended up not calling the cops to find the boy's parents and instead allowed him to stay at her home. Because the boy wouldn't speak, Julie made up the name Victor when a nosy neighbor asked who he was. When he finally spoke, it was to tell Julie that his name was in fact Victor. What makes the kid so mysterious, in addition to his facial expression and overall tone, is the fact that we just know nothing about him, aside from the fact that he caused a bus crash that killed dozens.

It's not that he caused the bus crash on purpose. There was a commotion on the bus thanks to one of the kids, Camille, who was desperate to get out. So the bus driver was distracted and saw Victor standing on the road too late. In an attempt to avoid hitting him, the driver swerved off the side of a cliff, causing all passengers to die. However, for those who haven't seen the original French version of The Returned, it's safe to assume that Victor is one of the many revived people who are returning to their homes in this small town. But who was he? Where did he come from? And perhaps most importantly, is he dangerous?

Alright, everyone who hasn't watched the incredible French series (which you totally and completely should by the way), avert your eyes immediately. And fair warning: This is the official Returned SPOILER ALERT. Seriously, turn away now if you don't want to know a major part of the storyline from this series!

In Les Revenents, Victor was actually killed more than three decades ago by one of two home intruders who also killed his family. For some reason, Victor — whose real name was Louis — possesses the power to cause other people to see visions, including the way other people have died. Victor ends up developing a deep mother/son-like bond with Julie, and the relationship is very sweet. But Victor himself continues to be something of a mystery, even after the identity of one of his intruders is revealed. But that's a mystery I'm not going to give away just yet.

There are so many ways The Returned could take Victor's identity and what he eventually does on the show that would very clearly be a departure from the French version. The original show has a supernatural, almost unholy-like feel to it. So perhaps Victor is actually more than just a Returned? Maybe Victor is more dangerous than we see so far. Or maybe it's just me, because when I see mysterious kids in creepy television shows, I have and always will assume the worst.

Images: Joseph Lederer/A&E; thereturnedus/Tumblr