Susan Sarandon Is the Latest Major Film Star to Head to Television With New NBC Comedy

It seems that TV is just the trend du jour for big screen actors these days: First, Academy Award-winning Halle Berry decides to make the jump over to the small screen, then former America's sweetheart Meg Ryan, and now, another Academy Award-winning actress — and her film star daughter as well. According to Vulture, mother-daughter duo Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri Martino are set to star in a new comedy Growing Ivy for NBC, in which they will play an actual mother-daughter duo.

The idea actually comes from Amurri Martino, and in addition to starring, she'll be writing the pilot with Celeste & Jesse Forever's Will McCormack, and executive producing with Sarandon, McCormack, and Rashida Jones. So, basically, there's a lot of actual talent behind this one! It could actually be good.

Also, fun fact: This will actually be the third time that Amurri Martino and Sarandon have played a mother-daughter duo on screen together — the first was in 2002's The Banger Sisters, and the second in the upcoming film Mother's Day.

As for the plot of the series, it follows Amurri Martino's character Ivy Davis, who is described as a "type A+... who craves the stability she lacked in her childhood, and as a result, has thrown herself into her career at the expense of her personal life."

When she finds her life lacking balance and love, though, she invites her "freewheeling, eccentric" mother, Franckie, to come and live with her so they can work on their relationship. Hilarity and potentially awkward situations ensue. It sounds a lot like a role Susan Sarandon has played before, a few times, but who cares? It's Susan Sarandon, on TV! Any role works.