Chris Soules Proposed, Just Like Neil Lane Wanted

After weeks of waiting, we finally got to see Chris Soules propose to Whitney Bischoff on The Bachelor finale. It was an intense final episode, with Chris leaving the big decision to pretty much the last minute. But once he made up his mind that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Whitney, everything seemed to fall into place.

He bid Becca goodbye, and then he got down to business proposing to the woman he was in love with. And even though I think he's boring and bad at articulating his thoughts, it's clear that he loves Whitney and that she loves him back.

So kudos to Chris who got all his words out in mostly the correct order with this sweet proposal.

From the moment that I met you and the moment you got out of the limo I can still remember the time we spent together than evening and probably the best day of my life crashing a wedding together ... Thinking, "Holy cow this woman is perfect for me," and being able to have you here today, and in Iowa and meeting my family and seeing how they reacted to you ... it's not work, it's natural and we both want the same thing. It feels so right and so perfect. That's what I want for the rest of my life. I love you.

And with that, he got down on one knee and proposed. Obviously Whitney said yes, and they finally got to tell each other they loved one another on camera. It was a sweet moment to end the season on, and I wish them both the best of luck now that they can be in love in public.

Image: Nicole Kohl/ABC