Who Is Mia Goth? Shia LaBeouf's Girlfriend Is A Model/Actress Who Is Apparently Good At Playing Cats

A little known fact is that Shia LaBeouf has the funniest name ever. Literally translated, LaBouef's name means "Thank God For Beef", and if and when LaBeouf gets married, there's a possibility that his fiancée will take his last name. This leads me to the woman who may one day become the future Mrs. Beef. Who is Mia Goth? Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend may hyphenate her own unique last name with LaBeouf's sooner rather than later.

Goth, 21, and LaBeouf, 28, reportedly met while filming 2013's Nymphomaniac Volume II . At the time, Goth was 19, and LaBeouf was 26. In the film, Goth plays a girl only known as "P," a downtrodden high school girl who Charlotte Gainsbourg's character, Joe, mentors, and they eventually become lovers. LaBeouf plays Jerome, the first love and former husband of Gainsbourg's character. SPOILER ALERT! LaBeouf and Goth's characters become involved at one point, and it's all very twisted and intense.

Even if the movie on which they met was one of doomed relationships and emotional unavailability, it was apparently a great place to start a long-lasting relationship. They've been together ever since.

Recently, there's been some chatter going around about possibility of the pair being engaged. As The Daily Mail reports, the 21-year-old actress has been spotted sporting a diamond ring on her left ring finger. Thank goodness for the zoom-lenses that allow us to divine such information.

But I digress. Back to Ms. Goth. This Brazilian/Canadian young woman began her entertainment career as a model. According to MiaGoth.com, Goth was scouted at age 15, and continues to model to this day. Some of her past modeling credits include Vogue Italia and Pepe Jeans, among others.

In the following video from British Vogue, Goth answers a few fun getting to know you questions. Because fashion is ridiculous, it turns out that her first model audition involved playing a woman who morphs into a cat. Also, if she were a shoe, she would be a Doc Marten. Just in case you were wondering.

British Vogue on YouTube

At the moment, Goth is the star of the Spring/Summer 2015 Miu Miu campaign. Check her out in the following fashion video, where she confusedly stumbled around a disheveled apartment while dressed in expensive clothing.

Miu Miu on YouTube

Like so many before her, Goth seems to be hoping to parlay her modeling career into an acting career. In addition to being in Nymphomaniac: Volume II, Goth has been in a French TV series called The Tunnel. According to her IMDb page, she's in two movies, Everest and The Survivalist, that are currently in post-production. 2015 may end up being a big year for her!

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Especially considering the fact that she may become "Mrs. The Beef" some time in the very near future.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's to loving your partner for better or for worse...

Even if the "for worse" includes the possibility of your significant other growing a rattail.

Image: Getty Images