The New 'Insurgent' Trailer's Best Moments Indicate This Movie Is Going To Be Absolutely Insane — VIDEO

By now, fans of the Divergent series are likely super anxious and beyond exhausted after having to wait an entire year for the film’s follow up Insurgent to hit theaters. Fortunately, for those who are eager to catch up with the ongoing plight of Tris and Four, the premiere date for Insurgent is a mere 10 days away — and in the meantime, there’s yet another new trailer for Insurgent to tide everyone over until the film's release. I have to say that this clip isn’t anywhere near as explosive as the trailer from Super Bowl weekend, but it’s still pretty good nonetheless.

First of all, I’m a sucker for a good interrogation scene. Everything about it is always super intense from the pleading and the torture to the incessant lines of questioning. No matter if the scene takes place in an abandoned warehouse, an off-the-beaten path private property, or a post-Apocalyptic Chicago high rise, interrogation clips can sometimes serve as the highlight of a film.

Even though this latest Insurgent preview isn’t even a minute long, allow me to present a detailed analysis of this awesome scene of Tris and Four interrogating Eric.

Here are 5 of the best moments from the latest Insurgent teaser:

Tris' Power Pixie

I'm convinced I can glean power and badassery from simply staring at Tris' hair.

Eric Being Prepped For Interrogation

Judging by the smug-looking sneer facial expression he's wearing, I almost expect him to put up a fight. But then again...

There's This Really Scary Gun

So, yeah...there's clearly no physical resistance to being restrained here.

The Interrogation Attempt

Listen, Eric. We don't have all day here, so just spill it already.

This Guilt Trip Fail

Does this look like the face of a man who feels bad about being responsible for the death of hundreds of people. Um, no.

Watch the entire Insurgent teaser below:

Images: Lionsgate