Can You Wear A Long Dress To A Wedding In The Summer? 13 Guest Gowns That Prove It's A Legit Style Move

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Roses are red, violets are blue, your friends all got engaged last February and now you have many weddings to attend... to. But can you wear a long dress to a wedding this summer? Or are those events strictly for knee-length sundresses?

So far, I have seven — yes, seven — weddings to attend this summer. Many of those weddings include the same friend group, so I will have to wear something different to each magical event. And since my 5'3" self has realized there's no such thing as being "too short" for a maxi dress, I have become obsessed with those longer lengths.

I've always worried that long dresses are strictly reserved for the bride and/or her bridesmaids at the wedding. But they aren't. A bride is going to stand out on her wedding day regardless because she is happiest, most radiant woman in the room. And her bridesmaids are going to stand out by simply standing next to her. You're going to stand out (but not too much) by being the best dressed guest in these 13 maxi dresses that are perfect for a wedding.

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